August 20, 2009

Trying to break the fever.....

So, as you know Jenna had other plans for today. Her heartrate and temperature had gone down to about 103 this afternoon after a few doses of Tylenol and rest and then close to 101. She is still getting the vest therapy to help break secretions in her chest. This seems to be helping her, but this evening she did well until the end and she wanted to stop. So, this afternoon the Skin Team Leader for the hospital came in to discuss the situation with Jenna's face breakdown from tape and wearing the bipap. She was nice enough to give pointers to the respiratory therapist to help keep the mask sealed better because it is too big on her (she is in the smalled size they make). So, this seemed to help and they lowered her NG tube down, so it would not be directly up against her nose. This seemed to help. Sandy, the skin nurse was concerned because Jenna has been digging at her belly button so much, the skin has opened. So, she had Jenna's nurse Chrissy put a soft patch on it, to keep her nails from digging into it. Jenna was a little frustrated at first, but is just digging the top of the bandage. Go figure, anything to keep her calm. So, since she had the brown liquid pulled out of her Ng tube this am, they decided to keep her feeds off until she pooped. A couple more times today the nurse was able to pull additional liquid but not as much. So, she has not actually pooped today, so hopefully soon. They did another chest xray this afternoon, which they felt looked somewhat better. So, in rounds this evening I spoke with Dr. Chett about her situation. I asked him about her cultures, which he said have not returned any results at this point. However, she has expressed all signs of pneumonia except white count being high. So, they are pretty sure that is the result of her situation. Great. SO she is currently on two antibiotics for treatment. He said that he feels that they got the cultures right when she peaked the infection, so all of her symptoms may not actually what he calls "flower" until tomorrow, such as her white count going up. So, this evening we have let her rest mostly. Her temperature was checked again at shift change and it was around 101. So better, and they said that typically in this situation the fever will probably hang on for a day or so. Which is what happened when she had pneumonia last winter. So, the nurse just came in and said that one of her blood cultures from her subclavian line (which was removed this am) came back with gram + cocci, and a couple other "bugs". So the fellow wants to recheck her before starting the Vancomyocin regimen, even though that line is gone, like draw blood from another line. Sometimes, since it came back positive so soon, there is possibility that it may be a false positive. They did state that if her fever goes up again to 104 then he will automatically start the Vancomyocin, even if her cultures come back this time negative. So, we will see how things go through the night. She did dip down in her oxygen level earlier, but she was on her right side, which she did not seem to tolerate. So we put her on her back and she was fine. She still does not want to be touched, so we are trying to keep things quiet. Cross your fingers that the night will go well. The plan for surgery is still early next week, but I am not holding my breath. My guess is mid week or later. But I could be wrong.
So we hope for a better day tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for everything, we received more cards in the mail, YEAH! We love hearing from home! Goodnight to all and keep praying for our babygirl.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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