August 20, 2009

Change of plans......

So, I told Justin yesterday evening when we left the hospital, I felt like "It is the calm before the storm" in regards to Jenna. He said that everything was fine, she will be ok and keep moving forward after surgery. I just was not sure what would happen today, I felt like she could make it through surgery fine. Well, Jenna had other plans.

We arrived this morning and came in to her nurse and the night charge nurse standing in her room. My first thought was, Oh great-Why is the night charge still here, what has happened? Well, seems as if babygirl decided to spike a temperature up to 105 about 5am, and moved back down to 101 now. They put cold clothes on her to cool her, took blood cultures from her Picc and subclavian lines to make sure nothing is growing. They have began a round of antibiotics to be safe and are concerned of possible pneumonia because her chest xray this am shows that her left side (which has been great for days) is now "fluffy" (showing all white). So, her white count has not changed, it is 15 still. But we hope that the cultures come back with no growth. They pulled off 85ml of brown liquid off her stomach. They feel like she is "backing up" from not pooping. An xray yesterday that she is full of it. So, they feel like she is not moving due to all the narcotics and methadone which she is on, this causes a lot of constipation and it can take time getting things to "move again". So, right now she seems to be a little happier. Except for Dr. Chett came in and took her subclavian line out and she is a little upset at him right now. But she will calm down soon. So-of course surgery has been cancelled. First time of possible reschedule is Monday because they want her to have antibiotics for a few days first, and make sure her fever is gone. So, no need to pray for surgery right now, just for her fever to go away and make sure that nothing grows from the cultures. Cross our fingers. Right now, the attending hopes that she stays where she is and does not worsen with her oxygen and needs for assistance, because that would lead to being intubated again. But we are not going to go there, because babygirl will improve. So, keep praying, we will keep everyone posted on today's progress. Hopefully the rest of today will get better. We are just a little frustrated because here we are hitting a wall again. Hopefully we will push through it quickly. Right now, if anyone wants to do anything, they are having to ask "permission" from Jenna. She is very sensitive and irritated at everyone coming in. So she shakes her head yes or no if she is going to allow you to do something to her. Oh, babygirl you are ruling the unit! Keep being tough. We will talk soon.

Love, Jenna, Justin and Jenna


  1. Oh how two years old are about getting their way! Sounds like she is starting to be herself again... which I am sure is good for you. Stay positive with the surgery.. maybe her fever spiked because she just wasn't ready. I think of you everyday, and what awesome parents you are. My Heroes! Hang in there! Praying for you and Jenna,

  2. I justed to let you guys know that Jenna is in GODS hands and he takes care of all of his children. As for you and Justin you guys are amazing. You guys are being so strong and positive for Jenna. She can feel that and feel all of the love she has around her. Stay strong and remember it is perfectly fine if you have a moment of weakness sometimes it helps. Your in my prayers.
    Crystal Young-Quarles

  3. From St. Albans, West Virginia to Little Rock Arkansas.... We got word about little Jenna and I have been keeping up with you through your blog. I am the pastor at Henderson United Methodist Church in Little Rock and our prayer group and church is praying for you and that precious child. You are a tremendous witness of God's strength. Keep on believing..We are standing and believing with you. Kevin

  4. We know it must be frustrating that Jenna went in the wrong direction today with her fever, but try to hang in there and stay strong. We are happy to hear that her fever went down and that she is doing okay. We will continue to pray that all of her tests come back okay and that she stays fever free. Lots of hugs and kisses sent your way.

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  5. You must be so frustrated right now...We are praying that Jenna breaks her fever and gets well. Try to stay positive. Jenna just likes to throw curve balls to keep Mommy, Daddy, and the Doctors on their toes. God Bless and stay strong!

    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton

  6. What a strong, beautiful, little angel you have! Hang in there. Lots and lots of prayers are being sent up every day!! God bless you!!