August 19, 2009

Preparing for surgery......

Today was a little more eventful than yesterday. This morning Jenna was friendly to the staff as usual and trying to get to her Bob-Bob stuffed animal (thanks CJ and Sammi :) ), in which she ended up getting frustrated with the nurse, because she was picking up the wrong ones for the longest time. Eventually she got him to Jenna and she was happy. We overslept this am and missed rounds, but our nurse Anna clued us in on what the plan was for the day. She said basically the same, just keeping it calm before surgery tomorrow. They did state that they wanted to increase her bowel regimen, since she has yet to go to the bathroom. An abdominal xray today showed that it is in there, so they are just hoping it will happen soon. We do too, poor babygirl. So, they had to do quite a bit this am to her. Dr. Dent decided to start her vibrating vest again, since her xray this am showed that her right lung was a little more collapsed than yesterday, so they are hoping this will help move the secretions around. She has done well today with it, no freak out/panic attack. They are having to keep her on the low setting, because she does not tolerate when it goes faster. Can't say that I blame her, it sounds like she is going to take off in an airplane when it is going. So, she received breathing treatments of Xopenex each time she does the vest also. Her lungs do sound better when this is done, which is a good thing. They are trying to mostly keep her off of her right side because her oxygen dips down due to her lung being collapsed. So, in addition to this this morning, they also did mouth care, changed the mask on her bipap, placed cream on her face because it is horribly broke out from her eczema (due to all the tape from her ventilator), and changed the side of her nose which her NG feeding tube was in. Where her tube was, she had a major sore area which was broken down from the tube laying on it. So, they had the doctor write an order for some cream which helps with this, and they changed the side it is on to help. She also got her Lovenox shot during this time, which is now stopped in preparation for surgery tomorrow. Jenna did very well through all of this with maintaining her heartrate and oxygen levels, they were very happy with that. But after it was all over, she got her Methadone and passed out for basically the rest of the day. She has been sleeping most of the time, and woke up some this evening for us, but went back to sleep within 10 minutes. So, we told Jeff the night nurse that she will probably be having a party in her room tonight at 3am. Which I guess in when she woke up last night, and stayed up til we got here this am at 8:45am. So, maybe she is getting her days and nights mixed up, who knows. I would too if I was in the hospital this long.

We have had a few surgery residents stop by today to check on Jenna for preparation for surgery. We signed consents, spoke with anesthesia, who discussed the epidural placement for pain management after surgery. He said that hopefully she will be extubated shortly after surgery so that the epidural will serve its purpose. They are considering intubating her here in her room, only because she is on the bipap machine and this cannot transport. She already has all other lines in place for surgery, so just getting her to the OR will take all the time. She is hopefully going to be back on the floor around 4pm. We just hope that surgery goes well and there are no complications. We will see.

This evening she has just rested, which is what she has done all day. I laid with her in the bed for a while, which was nice. She was able to fall asleep early, so Justin and I left so we could get some sleep as well. We ask that everyone be thinking of her during surgery, and pray everything goes as planned. We want to thank everyone for all of the cards, letters, notes, gifts, and donations that have been sent to us. It means so much, and the staff here is just amazed at the amount of support which we receive. Our little girl has touched a lot of people in her life, and I feel she will continue to do so. Thanks again, and we will keep in touch regarding surgery.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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