July 14, 2009

A sad but good day.....

Posted Apr 16, 2007 9:46am

Hello everyone,
Sorry that we did not post any news yesterday. Daddy went home to work for the week, so it was a very sad day. :( However, she did receive more visits from family, including an addition from Grandpa (justin's dad). Today she will get to meet her Uncle Ben for the first time. We have enjoyed those who have been able to come and see her and also those who have kept her in thoughts and prayers, we can not thank everyone enough.
Yesterday went well. She was taken off of her blood pressure medicine and had her oxygen removed again. She seems to be maintaining her levels very well. We are so pleased. She is still receiving her blood thinner, but we hope that this will be stopped today. If so, then she will be able to move to the stepdown unit. Yeah!! This just means we are one step closer to getting to go home. She did receive blood yesterday again, but only because they have been drawing so much blood, it caused her levels to be lower than normal. She is doing much better now. Daddy and I were able to hold and feed her again yeterday, which was nice. She has already made quite an impression on Daddy, it was very difficult for him to let her go yesterday. Her leg continues to improve, just a little drainage at the site, but this is expected, since she moves around so much. She is still a little fussy and vomiting her food up at every other feed. They are attempting to determine if she is receiving too much or if it is being given too often. I was told by a nurse that babies with heart defects tend to develop reflux more often, which can be the cause of why they spit up so much. She gave me tips on how to avoid this when feeding her. It seems to have helped, so we will see if it works over time.
I am getting ready to go see her today. Hopefully she will be moved or getting ready to move when I get there. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Again, we cannot thank everyone enough for all that has been done for us in this time of need. We hope that Jenna will be able to make her grand entrance to our home by Friday. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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