July 14, 2009

Our prayers have been answered...

Posted Apr 17, 2007 7:02pm

Well, what can we say...the many thoughts and prayers have been paying off. As one of the doctor's said "She is doing what we had hoped, and not what we expected."
Jenna has made great improvements over the past several days. She remained on the blood thinner through the weekend, just as a precaution for her leg. She has taken off of it yesterday and she was taken out of CICU and put in the step down unit. Since being moved there yesterday, Jenna has continued to make improvements. All of her levels have remained where they need to be and she is beginning to eat a little more on her own. She still has the feeding tube in and it will stay in for a couple of more weeks. The occupational therapist came and worked with her today and explained that she is not having an issue with sucking or swallowing. Due to the complications she had last week, she was not able to eat normally for a couple of days, so while she eats, Jenna gets extremely tired and begins to fall asleep. She expects Jenna to continue to improve with each feeding and the tube to be removed in a couple of weeks. Jenna's leg also continues to get better. It has returned to the correct color, but is still a little puffy with a little drainage from the stitching. The doctors are not too concerned about this, because she is able to move it more and this keeps it from healing quicker. Just to make sure, they would like Jenna to come back next week, so they can look it over one more time.
Yeah, you heard that right! They want Jenna to "COME BACK." JENNA AND MOMMY GET TO COME HOME TOMORROW!!! The doctors said there is no reason for her to remain in the hospital. All of her levels are staying up above where the doctors like them, her feedings continue to improve, and she is just ready. Jenny spent most of today talking to different specialists about feeding, parenting, and what to look for the closer Jenna gets to surgery time. Jenny is also in the middle of being observed for 24 hours by nurses. They are watching Jenny to see how she does with Jenna in general and also with the feeding tube. I will be picking them up tomorrow afternoon. They would also like to show me all the information that Jenny is being shown today. After they finish up, we will be free to go. We should be back early evening around 7:30 or 8:00.
Please continue with the thoughts and prayers, because Jenna will need them for her surgeries in the future. No promises, but we will try to get around next week to show her off.

Justin, Jenny, and Jenna

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