July 14, 2009

A quiet day...

Posted Apr 14, 2007 9:47pm

Hello everyone,
Today was another great day at the hospital. Jenna did very well, she was able to take her feedings most of the day. However, she did become a little fussy late this afternoon and spit up most of her lunch. Since she will have to have surgery in the future, the doctors want to make sure that she is "very plump" at that time so in case she does lose weight afterwards, she will still be in a safe range for her age group. So, they are giving her an increased amount of food every three hours, which at times she is not able to tolerate. We will take her needing to adjust to her feedings over new medical problems any day. Her oxygen levels are doing well and her leg looks wonderful. She still has some swelling at the area of surgery, but her color is almost the same as her left leg. Unfortunately she was placed back on a small amount of oxygen, basically to remind her that she needs to breathe at all times.
Daddy and I were able to hold her and feed her, which was great. She did receive visits from Meme and Pawpaw, Aunt Stacey, Aunt Missy and Uncle Mike today. I am sure that she enjoyed seeing new faces, other than Daddy and I.
So, for the most part today was very quiet, which was nice. We cannot wait to be able to take her home and spend quiet days with her there instead. All in due time. Again, we would like for everyone to keep us in their thoughts and prayers, we have a very long road ahead. Thank you to everyone for your care and support.

Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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