July 14, 2009

Preparing for another trip.....

Posted Aug 18, 2008 12:00am

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to drop a quick note letting everyone know that we are about to go back to Cincinnati for more tests and another heart cath. The last trip went fine, however a lot more "stretching of her arteries" as Dr. Beekman states, needs to be done. We recently visited her cardiologist here in WV who states that she has one of the most difficult congenital heart defects to have. He hopes that more is able to be completed during this test. During the last cath, the doctor did not anticipate the amount of extra arteries which she had, and it was very difficult to get to all of them, which need to be stretched. Her left side of bloodflow going to her left lung is very narrow and the right is very wide open. So, they are needing to make things more even, so that eventually they can close the hole in her heart and tie off the extra arteries, since they will not be needed anymore. However, that surgery completion is far off at this point, due to the amount which needs to be completed. Her doctor at the hospital states that she looks wonderful on the outside, but so much needs to be done on the inside. She has only gained 2 pounds since April, and is now almost to 17 pounds. She is very active, therefore she burns all calories consumed(what little she will eat) and her heart is working very hard to keep up, so this causes her to burn more also.
So, we are leaving tomorrow, Monday evening after work to head to Cincinnati. We will have bloodwork, meetings with the cardiologist and nurse practitioner and a CT angiogram (3d pics of heart for a more precise look) on Tuesday. On Wednesday is her cath at 2pm. Hopefully we will be discharged on Thursday if all goes well. Please think of our family as we embark on another journey, and pray for our little girl that everything goes well.
Thanks to everyone for all thoughts, prayers, and concerns....

Love, Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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