July 14, 2009


Posted Apr 11, 2007 5:12pm

Everything is going good today. Jenna's leg and foot are healing great. She almost has all the color back to it. The successfully removed the medicine that was keeping the PDA open and nothing changed. So the artery will remain open and helping, without any worry that it will close. This is great news. They are going to keep an eye on it for a little longer just to make sure. She still has not had anything to eat, but that should probably change tonight. She had the ventilator removed this afternoon and she took off. She has had 3 episodes where she stops breath (Apnea) for a couple of minutes. She is still getting oxygen through her nose and her heart is beating. This is either caused by being a the ventilator for an extended period of time or she still has drugs left in her system from the surgery. The doctors think it is due to the drugs, so currently they are not concerned.
Jenny was discharged early this afternoon, so she is getting to spend most of the day with Jenna. She is still having a little pain, but that is expected. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald house. We currently do not have the address on us, but as soon as we get back tonight we will post it back on here.
Please continue with the thoughts and prayers. They are helping the two of us, and most importantly they are helping Jenna. She is fighter, if you haven't figured that out by now. We'll continue with the updates as we get them.

Justin, Jenny, and Jenna

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