July 14, 2009

More Improvement...:)

Posted Apr 12, 2007 11:02pm

Hey everyone,
Today went very well at the hospital. When we arrived, Jenna no longer had her foley catheter and is now able to use a diaper to pee. She is still doing well being off of the prostaglandin medicine and will have a fetal echocardiogram tomorrow (Friday) to make sure that the artery which is of concern is still open and not closed. This artery is supplying about 2/3 oxygenated blood to her left lung at this time. They still have her on the blood thinner just to make sure that she does not develop anymore blood clots, which will probably be stopped by the end of the weekend. They have her on some caffiene every so often, to give her a boost since she has been pretty groggy from the narcotic medication given to her before. She is still on the blood pressure medicine, but just for precautions. This morning the nurse noticed that she was weezing, so she was placed on breathing treatments. Hopefully, tomorrow she will be clear and not have to have those anymore and she is still being given oxygen to keep her saturation levels normal.
They placed a feeding tube through her nose to provide some nutrition to her at this time, which is going well. I have been able to produce some breast milk for her, so they are attempting to give her that through a bottle. If not able to take, then they are giving it to her via the tube. Otherwise, they will supplement her with formula. So far, I am doing better than I expected at pumping milk. She is understanding the situation of sucking on a bottle, but is still having trouble understanding the concept of swallowing the milk. So, she will sometimes "spit up" which is ok because the nurses want her to show that she has a gag reflex. Since they are attempting to feed via the bottle, we were able to feed her ourselves today! This was great by the way, it was so nice to be able to bond with her. Also, we were able to hold her today and watch her get her first bath.
Also tomorrow, the 17 physicians will be meeting to discuss her plan of care at 2pm. Once discussed, the Attending physician Dr. Dent, the Cardiologist Dr. Michelfelder, and the surgeons will set down with Justin and I to provide in their opinion what they feel is the best treatment option for Jenna.
Today she met someone new, her Aunt Bethany. This was very enjoyable for all of us, since Justin and I are away from home. It was nice for Beth because she finally was able to see Jenna in person. Unfortunately, due to her situation she was not able to hold her, but hopefully she will get to soon when we are able to go home.
We will be sure to keep everyone posted about the meeting results tomorrow. Justin and I would like to thank everyone again for all of the support which we have been given. This has been a very difficult time for us. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House next to the hospital in Room 16, phone number 1-513-636-3911. Also, please continue to write on the website, this is very enjoyable to read when we return in the evening.

Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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