July 14, 2009

Her First Setback.....

Posted Apr 10, 2007 7:10pm

Well where do we begin. Up until yesterday afternoon (Monday) everything was going good. Due to the cath test, Jenna had a blood clot (this is possible with this procedure) formed in her right leg, near the hip. This obviously put mommy and daddy in a panic. Some possible outcomes of this ranged from a removing the clot to amputation. She went in at 7:30pm last night, but didn't come out of surgery until 12:00am. The surgeons were very pleased with the surgery, but they needed to keep an eye on it over night.
This morning we called and everything was ok, but they were still keeping an eye on the leg. We just got back from visiting Jenna, this included mommy's first visit, and everything is going great. The attending doctor was very confident the clot removal will heal completely. There is still a concern for clotting blood, but she is on blood thinner for a couple of more days. She is getting nutrition through an IV, but we can tell she is starving because she attempts to suck on everything put in her mouth (including the ventilator tube). They are planning on removing the tube tomorrow morning, so she will be able to eat real food tomorrow. The artery that is suppling her left lung is also in question. If it is a PDA(Patent Ductus Arteriosis), then once she is given oxygen it will close and no oxygen will be sent to her left lung. This will need to be repaired soon. If it is not a PDA, then when oxygen is given nothing will happen and oxygen will continue allowing her to breath. This defect will need to be repaired but not until she is at least over 10 pounds. She is currently on medicine to keep this from closing, because they do not know if it is one or the other. This medication is currently off to see which one it is (This is the only way they can find out which it is). The surgeons are 99% confident that it is not a PDA, which is good. A team of doctors are scheduled to meet Friday afternoon at 2:00 to discuss all the options they will have, once the leg and foot heal. This meeting was originally scheduled for today, but due to her leg (which needs 3 or 4 days to repair) they postponed it until Friday.
Even though this is a bunch of information, which does not sound good, this is the best information we have recieved in one day since Sunday. At this current time, she is going to be released next week (no heart surgery required until later) or 2 weeks after surgery (if it is required).
Continue with the thoughts and prayer. We still have a way to go, but the news is getting better. We are still trying to put up some pictures, but not having success. Mommy is doing good and could possibly be discharged tomorrow sometime. Daddy is also doing good, but could use a little more sleep since being at the hospital until 3 the past 2 nights. We will continue updating everyone on Baby Jenna's conditions as we get more.

Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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