July 14, 2009

Good news from the docs...

Posted Oct 20, 2007 9:48am

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give a quick update on baby girl. Yesterday evening, we received the results back from her chest xray and cultures. All results are negative for any type of infection. She is still having to be suctioned through the nose and mouth by respiratory and the nurses. This am, rounds were completed. They discussed her results and chest xray. The blood culture has yet to grow anything, so they feel that she still does not have any infection. Also, her chest xray has improved greatly, it is gradually becoming better each day. Dr. Eghtesady was in rounds this am and said that he feels that she really did have a viral upper respiratory infection, but she never spiked a fever. Cultures tests do not show every viral infection available. Last night Jenna did spit up more mucus, but is not requiring as much suction as before. She did better yesterday evening with eating, so we were pleased. We will see how she does today. She is still requiring 1/4 liter of oxygen,but they are hoping to start weaning her today from that if she tolerates it. They are wanting to start bulb suctioning today as opposed to nasal and mouth suctioning. They would like to begin a plan of us taking her home in the next couple of days, hopefully she will continue to improve. They are stopping the respiratory treatments every four hours, and they are now as needed. Also, they said if they will continue to be required we can always do them at home. Hopefully not. Today Justin is supposed to go home with Stacey. :( But hopefully we will get to go home by early next week. I will continue to keep everyone posted. By the way, she is beginning to gain her personality back, she is very happy and smiling a lot. This morning when we came in to see her, she was back to the way she usually sleeps. On her left side, with her head back and her belly flat on the bed. However, when she woke up she did not know how to flip back over, so she cried. So, it was very funny to watch. We are so happy she is getting back to herself.
Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers at this time. We will talk soon.

Love, Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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