July 14, 2009

Homeward Bound!!!

Posted Oct 22, 2007 1:27pm

Hey everyone,
I attempted to give an update yesterday, but something was wrong with the computer again. Anyway, baby girl is doing well. She is still have some congestion, but is not requiring suction. We just have to attempt to use the bulb syringe for any drainage. Anyway, she is still on 1/4 liter oxygen, which they hope that she will be able to weaned off that in a few weeks to a month. She is still requiring the feeding tube, as she gets tired when needing to eat, and she needs her calories to grow so we will have to keep that in until she is able to get back to her normal intake. Yesterday she was grumpy, just very uncomfortable in the sense that I think that she is tired of being in the hospital. So they only thing which helped put her in a better mood was to walk. That's right, I had to lug her and her oxygen in a wagon down the hall of the hospital. She absolutely loved it and everyone thought that she was just the cutest thing ever. She did spit up again yesterday, but was able to get everything up on her own, which is a good thing. I know that she is beginning to feel better because she is wanting to be rocked to sleep again, and the walking around as stated before. So this is a good thing. This morning they rounded and said that she has progressed well since last week. They feel that she is ready to make the transition to home. They feel that her congestion at this point is that of a cold and it will take time to go away, as well as the cough. This should not be keeping her here at this time. So they decided to let her go home TODAY. You heard it, just shy of two weeks after open heart surgery, Jenna is going home. So, we are receiving last minute instructions for home oxygen and home health. We have received the diet which she is to follow at home. Also, we are awaiting appointments to follow up with doctors at home. It is not needed for us to come back up here since tomorrow would be her followup after surgery. So, I am awaiting a ride from Meme and Pawpaw to come and get Jenna and I at this time. I will provide another update once we are home and settled.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during this whole process. We cannot thank everyone enough. So, next stop---WEST VIRGINIA. Talk soon.

Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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