August 27, 2013

Here we go again.....

Hello everyone!

I know that I have not done a great job at keeping up this page and I PROMISE I will go back and post how she has been the last few months! Between mommy going back to school, changing jobs, Jenna starting Kindergarten and hospital stays-things have been busy~

So on to the we have arrived back at Cincinnati Children's Medical Center once again. She will be having her 12th heart cath and yearly Brain MRI this morning starting at 8 am. We arrived late Sunday evening to the Ronald McDonald house(yay for getting in!) and settled in for the night. Yesterday started around 10am with her pre-testing for the procedures today. She had a chest xray, EKG, Echo, appointment with our favorite Nurse Practitioner Holly and labwork. The most difficult moment was during her blood draw-it took four of us to hold her down while she bucked like a horse, boy was she mad. At one point I did not think we would get it, but we did! Everything went well and we had some lunch and then settled back over at the house for the day. The evening was nice and quiet with dinner with my cousin Wendi(she works here during the week), so it was nice to have family close. Night time came and we got her ready for bed since we were having to get up so early. Justin and I finally fell asleep around midnight because we had to stop her milk for medical procedure reasons and got a little sleep for the night. I am a bit anxious for the day, but hopefully things will go well. Jenna has been tired the last month so hopefully she just needs to "be opened" as we call it. It has been since last October that she had any work done, so hopefully that is all the issue. Crossing my fingers that she has nothing up her sleeve~you never know.

So we arrived this am at 6, wahoooo! She is currently playing with her prize that we always get her pre-cath, some playmobil toys. We have answered all the lovely questions for admission and are now waiting for the next set of people to arrive. The nurse asked her if she was going to behave today during her procedure and Jenna responded with "no" and I told her, well at least she is honest! So we will see what the day will have in store. We met with Dr. B briefly yesterday and discussed today. He didn't really have much new to say, he just reminded us that last time he did not find anything new to open to help her(which we said yes, we remember), but he was hopeful that maybe something has come along. We shall see, I am glad he is open with us about her, and optimistic, but we also are realistic in knowing that things won't change. Unfortunately this is how you have to be in this life. So I will keep everyone posted as I am able. Thank you in advance for all the love and prayers!


  1. Please give her a big hug and kiss from Papaw and Meme when you get to see her afterwards. We love all of you and have you in our thoughts and prayers this morning. Love Papaw and Meme

  2. Thinking about all of you and sending lots of hugs and prayers

    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  3. We are keeping ALL of you in our prayers.!

    Lisa, Brent, slaton, and Grayson