November 4, 2012

Snow and Halloween~all in one week!

 Hey everyone,

Jenna has been doing well since coming home. She is back in school but only for a short time....mother nature decided that winter should come early! So we had a blizzard in the beginning part of the week and then enjoyed Halloween in the latter part of the week~very weird! But it did not matter, Jenna enjoyed herself very much. We made snow angels, threw snow at each other, put tattoos on one another and loved every minute! For the first snow of the year, it was big-just at our house we got 9 inches! It was crazy! Schools were cancelled and electric went out in most of the area (we were fortunate) and all the while, this is when that huge Hurricane Sandy hit up north and flooded everything. Later that week, the weather cleared and warmed up and we were able to enjoy Halloween, very fun! Jenna ran around in her Spiderman costume, grabbing candy and laughing all the time. It was great to see her enjoy it! She made out with a lot, every house she went too they all thought she looked great because here was a little girl in this muscle covered outfit running around, she was hilarious. Check out the pics we got during these few days, we loved it!

Batgirl,Spiderman and Daddy

Running from house to house

Making Snow Angels

Loving the snow

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