July 31, 2012

Parties and Fireworks-It's summertime!

Hey everyone-

We have been enjoying the summer months! We started by celebrating babygirl's birthday-better late than never! We celebrated Max and Ruby style! We had such a great time! Jenna loved all her friends and family who came and partied with her :) She loved playing all the games, blowing out candles and opening presents!

We enjoyed wearing bunny ears, playing toy bowling, having tea time, playing dress up, eating dirt cake and more! She loved all of her presents from everyone-and of course so did mommy and daddy-since we have soooo much room in our house to put them! Haha!! Oh and we can't forget about Pin the Tail on Max! Everyone including the adults enjoyed that game!

Jenna playing pin the tail!
Blowing out candles!
We had such a great time at the party and want to thank everyone again for coming and making her day special! For those who could not make it~you missed out on a great time!
In between all the fun we had during the summer, we went back to her cardiologist in Huntington. She had still been tired at times and some days she would not even get out of bed, so he said that she was still trying to recover from her stay in April, sometimes with kids with lung issues like her, the situation she was in can cause major set backs. So he said give her time and she get better. Since seeing him she has done well, so hopefully we are on the  mend.  During the summer I celebrated another birthday, along with my neice, Sophie. Jenna got to go ice skating for the first time, which I hear was an interesting time, but she had fun. Since my neice was born on 4th of July, we celebrated by setting off fireworks! What a great time! Jenna loved it!


We have an appointment for her follow up with the Neurodevelopment team and a brain MRI in August-I will keep everyone posted on how she does. Pray things go well please!

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