May 30, 2012

Made it home and doing well :)

Hey everyone-

Sorry for the late post! Jenna has been home and doing well!  We luckily it made it out of the hospital and Dr B said he wanted to see her in about six months, so we scheduled to return in October.  So glad we made it home and over her issues. We were soo bummed but managed to celebrate her 5th birthday as great as possible in the hospital. We had to postpone her birthday party, but that is ok, we will make it a great time! She is still tired, but much better than before.  We scheduled an appointment per the request of her doctors here in WV with the immunology group in Cincy since some of her bloodwork was off, possibly indicating some issues. So we went to that on the 18th of April and everything checked out just fine and we were thrilled :) Yeah, one less thing we have to worry about! She has returned to school and very happy with that. We have been moving along trying to get ready for her Max and Ruby Carnival Birthday Party-she is so excited and I can't believe she is turning 5!! Where has the time gone?? One little down slide since we have been home is she has been fighting a yucky cough-hopefully that will go away soon, she has not quite bounced back yet since she collapsed her lung in the hospital last month....but soon enough we hope!!  She did get to enjoy her end of school party-playing water balloons and being silly with her friends. I am so glad that she loves school, we will returning her to Pre-K again in the fall, she is just not quite ready for school, but hopefully after next year, she will be. We shall see! We did have a follow up appt with her heart doctor here in WV-he did another echo and listened to her heart. I explained to him about her cough and he feels that it is congestion from her heart, so he increased her Lasix, so maybe not a cold-but bummer it is heart related. Her echo indicated that one of her valves had worsened from her last echo a month before, but he was going to watch it and make sure it did not change. Her pressure numbers had not changed which was good since her holes have closed now.  I will keep everyone posted, hopefully she will kick this cough and we can move on to fun times at her b-day party! Oh and I forgot-I did the first step in setting up her Make a Wish trip! She told daddy and I that she wanted to meet Mickey,Minnie and Goofy-so we are arranging to go to Disney this December. We wanted to go ahead and set up the trip-since we are possibly preparing for Open Heart Surgery next spring, we wanted to take the trip, in case we go through the same length of stay as the last surgery (5 months). Plus as a heart parent, unfortunately you take all precautions, you always prep in case something happens to your child. You never know what each day will hold and you have to be ready. I know some may feel that is negative, but it is true. So with that said-we will move on to better things and I will keep everyone posted on her joyful life! Thanks for all the support, love and Prayers-it means the world!!

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