September 11, 2009

Play day....but boy was it tiring...

Snoozing again :)

After playing really hard, I was soooo worn out....

So, this chair is pretty cool, wonder if I could take it home?

Playing with new balloons and bear I got today!!!

Trying to set up and play with physical therapy, but still need some help

Seriously mom, the camara again? I am soooo tired....

As before, playing with PT and my new blocks from cousin Sophie

Trying to play, without setting up......the easier the better :)

Mommy was reading to me and I fell asleep.....

Hello everyone,
I had a good day today. I tried staying awake for some time, but did fall asleep every little bit for about an hour at a time. I was more awake than yesterday, which is great! I was able to last 4 hours on my cpap trial this am and did great, no dips in my oxygen. Mommy and I read a book for a while, and I fell asleep. That is ok, I just wanted her at my bedside. :) They turned down my ativan medicine a little today, which I did well, no withdrawl symptoms shown from the change, I have a lot further to go down on. They said that if I am good this weekend, then they may decide to let me do a trial where I am just on oxygen, no pressure support. SO, I am going to try and be really good. Also, depending on my weekend, they may take out my arterial line that measures the pressure in my heart, since I am doing well. We will see. They have stopped doing chest xrays for now, since I am stable in my xrays and I no longer have the ventilator tube in. Also, my labs are just once a day now, since I am doing better. I played with physical therapy for a little bit this afternoon and enjoyed it. She tried helping me sit up, at first I was a little hesistant with her, but then I realized she was fun, so I played with my blocks and new balloons and bear. :)) After about 15 minutes though, I started to get tired again and had to stop playing. She then moved me up in my therapy chair that helps me strengthen my trunk area. At first I was not sure about it, but I enjoyed it soon after. So much, that I ended up falling asleep in it for over an hour. This evening, I did another cpap trial for 3 1/2 hours and I did good again. No problems. Tomorrow they may just turn down to assistance of just the cpap during the day if I do well. Wish me luck! My feeds are now at full goal of 40ml per hour and my TPN and lipids are off. Hopefully I will tolerate everything. I finally pooped today, which is great since it has been a week!! Mommy got to help with my trach care today and was able to see what she will have to do when I go home (if I have to go home with the trach). She did well too, because my tubing fell off today and she was able to re attach the device on her own, Go mommy!! So, now they are settling me in for the evening. My favorite respiratory therapist is in here now, doing my nightly suction in my trach, I just don't let anybody come in and do this you know :) I hope to settle in soon, daddy is sitting with me now watching Wow Wow Wubzy. Uh oh, I got a little sick just now, but everyone came in and got me all cleaned up. Hopefully no more of that tonight. My mommy will keep everyone up to date on my status. Keep praying and thinking about me. I am going to go now so mommy and daddy can get some sleep. See you later.
Love, Jenna


  1. Well, lil Miss Jenna, it's great to see you are doing so much better. Keep up the good work and hopefully you can come home soon. Our prayers and thoughts are with you always.

  2. Jenna,

    We loved all of the pictures you shared with us today. We are happy to hear you had a wonderful day and we will pray that you continue to get stronger so you can go home soon with mommy and daddy. Take care and keep being a fighter.

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  3. Yes, keep fighting Angel!!! You are making such good baby step progress and I am so very proud of you!!! Every day will just get a little bit better!!! I Love You So Much
    Grandpa Cliff

  4. Jenna,
    What a great and entertaining report. Prayers are being answered and it sounds like you are showing them all that you have inherited the strenght of your parents. Keep up the amazing progress and you'll be home before you know it. Our thoughts and prayers are for your continued positive days.

    The Meadows in Winfield

  5. You go, Girl!!! Keep up the good work Jenna. We are all cheering you on. Our prayers keep going up for you, mommy and daddy. We love the pics!
    Jo, Don, and Seth

  6. Jenna,
    How great to have you send us a message!!It made our hearts smile :) We are so glad you felt like sharing the events of your day. Thanks for the the hair! Please tell Mommy and Daddy "Hi". We will continue to pray for all of you. Take care, and we hope to hear that you are coming home soon. Love, Mike and Linda

  7. Hello Jenna,
    We are friends of your Mommy and Daddy. We really enjoyed the pictures and loved seeing you up and playing! Keep going strong, and we know you will be back home as soon as possible!

    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton

  8. well well jenna! your pictures are great and it sounds like you are doing fantastic!! love you much and miss you.
    love, aunt stacey

  9. I work with Missy and have been following Jenna since her surgery. I was so glad to read about her play day and see the pictures. Just wanted to let you know I have her on several pray lists. Take care you are all in our prayers.
    Teresa Lawlor

  10. Jenna,
    You are so blessed with the people around you! I love the new pics and your princess gown and pigtails! You look so cute little angel. You just rest and play when you can. It is wonderful you are working so hard and that mommy and daddy are there to help you and learning how to care for you when you get home. I think about you every single day from Texas... and your whole family too! I have my family here and in West Virginia praying for you as well sweetie :) I can't wait for you to feel even better... God keep his hand on you and touch you in His mighty way! I love you princess.
    Your friend in Texas,

  11. Oh Lil Miss jenna, what a celebrity you are becoming. Your fans across the country can't wait to get up and see the posts your mom and dad put on about you. I live in New mexico sweetie ,and I have put your name out there for prayers. The world is applauding your strength and character. So Lil Jenna, enjoy your statis as a celebrity. Your family and fans adore you. Kisses sweetie

  12. Jenna....I loved our time together on Saturday. You are getting so much stronger. Thank you for the kisses and pictures.
    Love, Aunt Missy