September 14, 2009

More fun this weekend!!!

Daddy and I snoozing together :)

Hey, give me that stethoscope! I can do it myself!!

Are we busting out of this joint or what? And stop taking my picture like it is prom night Mom!

On a mission!!! Who's with me?!?!?!

Aren't I beautiful in my Minnie Mouse dress?

Hoping that if she attempts to write a letter, someone will come take her out of here!!

No Mommy, let's see how white your teeth are!!
Jenna trying to color with her right hand, she was not so sure about this.

It's Jenna again. Sorry my mommy has not posted for a few days. We have been having lots of fun and she has been learning how to take care of my new trach. On Saturday they decided to change me to just being on the trach collar with a mist collar and oxygen. I only need to be on the cpap pressure support at night now so I can rest. Yay for me!! My methdone medicine was lowered too a little and I did not have any withdrawl!! They said if I was good the rest of the weekend with my feeds and such, that they would take out the arterial line in my left hand. Thank goodness, it's in my way when I try to do things.My daddy got to hold me today, which was nice, we played. Then later in the day my nurse said we could take a wagon ride out of the room!! It was great, we went around in the unit and down the hall past the trach unit and then out to the breezeway (which is a walkway between buildings that has frosted glass over the windows). The walkway had lots of light and I loved, because I felt like I was outside, it was awesome!! They did a chest xray of me, and my diaphram that was fixed has gone up a little. But they are not too concerned because symptom wise I have been fine, no difficulty breathing, so they are just going to watch it. Saturday evening I got a bath and I smell all clean now, mommy even got to fix my hair in pigtails! Well, it turns out on Sunday evening when my mommy was doing my trach care, she looked down and saw blood all over my bed. She got a little nervous, but turns out the tubing with my iv line cracked, so since I was doing good, they decided to take it out. Woohoo!!!! My mommy got more used to cleaning around my trach. Last night she learned out to suction all my boogies out of my throat through my trach. She was nervous at first, but she is a pro now!! They adjusted all of the doses on my medicines because I have gained weight since I came in. I am now up 12.1 kg which is over 26 lbs! I have some fluid on me, but they have also been fattening me up with tpn and lipids (fat) for a few weeks now and I started my feeds last week so more weight on me! I have been doing well with those also, no vomiting yet of my food. Yesterday I did vomit some mucous where I coughed so much, but that is good because I need to get it out. On Sunday, my mommy held me for a little bit, we napped together. I love being close to my mommy and daddy when they hold me. I have been a little tired over the last couple of days, but then I get energy and want to do things every once in a while. This morning OT came in and played with me for a little bit, I tried to color some and play with my blocks. But I got tired after a few minutes, and had to lay back down. Mostly my days consist of sleeping and watching Spongebob, Dora or Noggin. What a life. Daddy is sitting with me now and we are watching, you guessed it, Spongebob. Anyway, I had vistors this weekend too. My Nonny, Meme, Pawpaw, Uncle Stu and Aunt Missy all came to see me. It was great seeing everyone. I have been sleeping for a while and not really been able to interact with them. I am getting better, just have to get my strength back. They say I will probably go home and need physical therapy to help with my trach. I overheard the new attending this week, Dr. Catherine saying that the big thing they are watching me for right now is my belly, when will it get better and I will heal, when can I have food in my stomach again (because I cannot go home on the feeding tube I have now because it is in my intestines, no my belly) She is not sure the length of time it will take (GI doctor Putnam makes that call), but respiratory wise I am doing well. She said that from that stand point I can go home with a trach, but maybe since I have to stay because of my belly then my lungs might get better enough to not need the trach at home, but said we will see how I do. I will try to be good, I really scared her the last time she was the attending doctor. I was really sick, but I feel much better now. They said that they are going to lower my ativan tomorrow. So, I better go. I am really sleepy. Hope you like the pictures of me, mommy loves taking them! Bye Bye!
Love, Jenna


  1. Good Job! Were still praying for you. Keep up the good work!

  2. Jenna,
    How I love your cute Minnie Dress and Piggy Tails... Have fun watching Sponge Bob with your mommy and daddy, and keep of the good work....
    Praying for ya...

  3. Angel, I am so proud of you!!! You're doing so well, making progress and even learned to type your own blog since you've been in the hospital!!! I love you so much!!! Keep on making that good progress, but go slow; there's no hurry....and look up. You'll see Jesus and the Angels watching over you!!!!
    Grandpa Cliff

  4. Jenna,

    Wow, you sure had a busy weekend and we had a hard time keeping up with you! We absolutely loved looking at the pictures and hearing about how well you are doing. Keep going strong and tell mommy and daddy we are still praying for all of you.

    Your friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  5. Jenna- you are so photogenic!! I am so glad to hear that you are doing well and that your mama is learning the trach care so well! be good to her- she is trying....
    love always, Aunt Stacey

  6. WOO HOO, Jenna! Keep up your fantastic progress. Love and prayers go out to you! Keep dancing!
    Jo, Don and Seth

  7. Good Job Jenna...

    We all at Thomas are all so proud of you...

    We ask Grandpa Cliff, Aunt Stacy and Uncle Mike about you all the time.. I look for your post everyday...

    Love and Prayers, Susan Bennett

  8. Love the pictures of your little family. I thank God she is doing better. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys
    Love ya RObin Crawford

  9. Can't wait to see you babydoll!! We have some surprises for you!! :) Love & Miss you so much!!!
    <3 Sammi & Uncle CJ

  10. Jenna: Sounds like you had a really good weekend. It's so good to hear about all your fun. Love the pictures of you and Mommy and Daddy! Our prayers are with all of you.

  11. Jenna,

    You look so cute in your Minnie Mouse dress. I'm glad you are doing better. Tell your mommy and daddy I'm praying for all of you.


  12. Jenna, You are quite the remarkable little lady,so glad you are up and playing. It is wonderful to get these updates on you feeling better. Love and Prayers always


  13. Great news and great photos!!! Love hearing that you're up and playing and we're still praying for you each day... :o)

    Amy in New Orleans

  14. Hello again, Jenna,
    We love to see and hear about all of this good news. Your wagon stroll must have been so exciting! We pray that your stomach continues to heal!

    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton

  15. Jenna,
    I love the new pictures of you and your parents. You look BEAUTIFUL. Keep up the good work getting well. God is helping you and so are our prayers!
    Hugs to all.
    Roberta Wilson

  16. I am thrilled at the progress. Praise God! Have a happy day! Jerri Gibson : )