August 17, 2009

New milestones....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today was a good day. Jenna had done well for the most through the night. They feel that it is possible she is getting her days and nights mixed up because she sleeps most of the day, and about 8 or 9 at night she is wide awake. So we are working on this. They feel that she is making small improvements each day. Her white blood cell count is still maintaing and not increasing. She is now off of the antibiotic regiman. They decided to decrease her Milrinone drip (helps her heart pump easier) to see if she will be able to be weaned off soon. Her respiratory status is making strides little by little. They made no adjustments to her Methadone and Ativan medicines, since she is not requiring as many in between as needed medicines aside from her regular scheduled doses. She still requires the use of the bipap machine, and she is not having to work as hard-even improving from the day before. They are still waiting on the decision from the surgeon as to what the next step will be regarding her diaphragm. She rested most of the day, but did become somewhat anxious around 4pm. I am not able to hold since it would be difficult with the bipap machine (keeping the seal of the mask on her face), but the nurse did offer to allow me to get up in the bed with her. So, we made adjustments and I was able to lay in bed with her. This was great, just like at home. I was able to snuggle with her and sleep for a little while. I was able to keep her calm until her next dose of methadone, so we would not have to supplement any in between. This is step in the right direction. Justin and I decided to step out and have dinner and when we returned she was awake and decided to she wanted to move around some. She was able to answer our questions more like, where all of her body parts are, wave to us, give us tater, attempt to smile. Yo Gabba Gabba (one her favorite shows) was on and she wanted to attempt to dance to it, she waved her arms around as best as she could. She patted the pillow to ask me to come in to the bed again. So I layed in bed with her for close to 3 hours and watched tv. Eventually she became sleepy again and went off to sleep. We were so happy with how well she has improved to become herself again. We just hope it continues.

We had new visitors today, Aunt Linda and Cousin Wendi to stop by. This was nice to set and chat and get our mind off from being in the hospital. The rest of the family went home today, but we enjoyed the time we had here with them. We thank everyone again for all the gifts, presents, and donations sent to us. It means so much. Jenna's room is getting very busy with all the pretty cards and pictures! Thanks again for all the prayers and support. We will keep you posted.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna


  1. Wendi and I enjoyed our visit as well. It was good to see you and Justin and to sit with you for a little while. So glad to hear that you and Jenna had the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Take care and as always our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for the hugs...I needed those! :) Love, Aunt Linda

  2. So happy to hear that Jenna is more alert. I bet you were so excited that you got to lie in bed and cuddle with your baby girl. We will continue praying.

    Your friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan