August 17, 2009

Just waiting to hear.....

Just wanted to quickly let everyone know that we spoke with Jenna's heart surgeon this am regarding if he was gong to perform the surgery or not. He expressed concern regarding performing the plycation via a thorcotomy (tacking down the diaphragm through an incision in her side). He stated that the outside incision would be about 2 inches, but on the inside it would be about 6 inches because he has to cut through the muscle around her ribs to get to it. He has contacted a general surgeon here in the hospital, Dr. Ing to see if he would feel comfortable performing a thoroscopy on Jenna. The surgery is less invasive, small incisions, and not as painful. He stated that she is going to hurt much more with a large incision in her side, than with her chest surgery. He is concerned because she required such pain control with her heart surgeries, that it will be difficult to manage her. He stated that if the surgery with the larger incision had to be performed, then he would most likely put an epidural in, because it will better control her pain. He stated that he is actually surprised that the area which is not working was damaged. He stated that he did not go through that area, but was around it. He stated that he went right through the left, and was surprised that it is not the damaged area. He states that it is still possible the area may be bruised from being pushed on during surgery. However, if this is the case, it takes up to 6 months before the nerve can return to normal. So, he just wants to make sure this is the right step for her. He states that he is waiting to speak with this doctor, before he makes the next step. He states that he feels that Jenna is getting stronger little by little each day, and just is not 100% sure right now if it should be done. He wants to see how she does today, and speak with this doctor first. He also spoke with his partner Dr Manning about the situation and they feel that they will watch her clinically to see if she changes. Right now she seems to be comfortable on the bipap and not breathing as hard as she was. But of course if she is not able to wean off of the device, then the surgery will have to be done. The earliest it could be done is tomorrow, depending on what the other surgeon states. If he ends up doing the surgery, it will have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday. He just feels that the surgery is going to be difficult for her, he knows that she will recover from it, it will just take time. He feels that if the surgery he would do, the larger incision, that it will set her back about a week. He just wants to make sure this is the right option, because most older children and adults this surgery never has to be done. But on infants it does, and Jenna is in that grey area as to if it truly needs to be done. He wants to make sure her lungs work well, but is just weighing the risks against the benefits. He knows that the ICU doctors have watched her closely and feel that it needs to be performed and since he is not here 24-7, than he trust the data and their judgement. So, at this point we are waiting to hear from him as to if the other surgeon wants to perform it, and what the next step will be. So we will see. I just wanted to keep everyone posted on the status, hope that it helps everyone understand the situation right now. We will keep you posted once we here something. Thanks to everyone. Talk soon

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna


  1. Hey...I'm glad that so cautious. He knows Jenna very well and wants what is best for her. I am praying for your strength and patience during this time of waiting.
    Love you, Aunt Missy

  2. Just wanted to let you know that we continue to pray for you many times a day--for Jenna's healing and for strenth for you and Justin. Please let me know if there's anything at all that I can do.

  3. We will pray that the doctors make the right decision for little Jenna. Thank you for the updates!!

    Your friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  4. Jenny and Justin,

    Please find comfort in knowing that many, many, prayers have been lifted up for Jenna's healing and also for your continued strength. God is Good.

    Thank you for the updates.
    Ginny Dravenstott

  5. Hang in there lil Miss Jenna. I am glad to hear that you getting stonger every day! I wish that I could be there for you. I am sure that Mommy and Daddy are right there beside you doing what they can everyday. Love, hugs and kisses, Uncle Stu

  6. Thank the Good Lord for the news about your cuddle time with Jenna. My prayers are with you,Justin and Jenna every day. I cannot be there, but I think of you all of the time. Love you much.
    Precious Cargo!!!!
    Mommaw Mint

  7. Praying for Jenna that she continues to make baby steps. Also praying for the two of you that God gives you strength to watch your little girl recover.

    Your Friends,
    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton