July 14, 2009

We made it here...now we are waiting

Posted Sep 16, 2008 2:32pm

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give a shout and let you know that we made it into to Cincy, despite the no traffic lights and electricity due to the hurricane. Our hotel has electricity and so does the hospital, so that it is all that matters. Jenna is having a hard time adjusting to the hotel, which is hard on mommy and daddy, but we will survive.
Anyway, today we had our chest xray and CT angiogram. Both tests went off without a hitch. Jenna sailed through them just fine, she was just a little cranky coming out of the scan. Anyway, we met with Janie our Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology, who discussed with us about tomorrow (which we are already familiar with), so everything went pretty quickly. Jenna has gone back to her regular diet and is currently napping with daddy upstairs.
Tomorrow we began our day by arriving on A6Central floor which is where she will have her cath and will be staying for the night. This begins at 7am. Her cath starts at 9am (hopefully, you know how that goes) and could possibly last up to 5 hours. Hopefully it will not take this long, but the nurse practitioner said today that depending on how difficult it is getting to the arteries, depends on how quickly the procedure goes. So we will be patiently waiting at that point.
Anyway, just wanted to give a quick note to everyone to let you know that we are doing fine and hope that all goes well tomorrow. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Love you all,
Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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