July 30, 2009

First Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Jenna went back at 7:30am for surgery, we arrived here at the hospital at 6:30am for prep. She did well, watched Dora on tv and made friends with all the hospital staff. They gave her a dose of Versed to make her sleepy. This took about 5 minutes to set in and she was very relaxed at that point. So, everyone came in to say goodbye-Meme, Pawpaw, Nonny, Aunt Connie, Uncle CJ, and Sammie. I (mommy) carried her and walked with Daddy to the Or doors and said our goodbyes-hugs and kisses. The hospital was nice enough to give our family a dedicated room for us to stay in today, since we are the longes case on the schedule. So this is nice-we are set away from everyone and it is quiet. We received a call from the nurse a little bit ago that stated that all of her IV lines and cords have been placed and the surgeon began at 9:01am. We should be hearing from the pracitioner in about an hour. We will let everyone know once we hear something. Thanks for all of the support, love and prayers. Talk soon.


Jenny and Justin

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