July 30, 2009

Change in Plans...

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give another update on Jenna. Her nurse came out around 10:30a to let us know that she was on the bypass machine and was doing well. We spoke to her again around noon and she said that the surgeons were thinking about changing her conduit (tube connecting her heart and lungs), not sure if it is because Jenna has outgrown it or if it is because it is narrowing. He had discussed this option with us yesterday. She said that they are not sure of closing the hole at this point, they are just focusing on improving the blood flow to her lungs. It is possible the may not close the hole because of her pressures being too high, she is not sure at this point. So, they were to begin working on opening the arteries to her lungs. She stopped by again when we were at lunch to let us know that they are going to change her conduit at this point, and have completed the opening in her left side arteries and have began on the right side. Once this is complete, they will change the conduit. So at this point, we are still not sure about the hole being closed. We are to be receiving another update again soon, once we get a chance we will let you know. She is doing vey well and coming through the surgery just fine. When we spoke at noon the nurse said that she will probably be on bypass 3 hours or longer, changed from the original length of 2. So hopefully she will do fine with this. We will keep everyone posted. Thanks for all of the support, love and prayers. Talk soon.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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