January 7, 2015

Here we go again.....Cath # 14

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting in such a long time, things have been quite busy with Jenna and school and mommy and nursing school. I barely have time to eat, sleep and breathe! LOL Anyway, Jenna has been doing well. We have been doing well and she has been going to school partial day. She has only been sick once, which was in December. Thankfully two rounds of steroids and an antibiotic took care of that! She has been her usual rotten self and loving every minute of school.

Today we are having our Heart Cath #14 to see if the new medicine to help with her pulmonary hypertension is helping her or making things worse. There is no plan for intervention at this time, he said possibly in the future but not at this point. Her echo and lung scan completed yesterday were unchanged from the previous tests, but hopefully in the cath lab there will be a little decrease. We will see.  She arrived this am at the hospital around 7 am and did all the pre-op stuff, got her loopy medicine (which was quite hysterical to watch-she thought her stuffed Timmy the Elf had 3 eyeballs!) and they took her back around 9:30am.  The nurse came around a few minutes ago and said they accessed her through her leg and neck well and Jenna is tolerating everything just fine.  They are hoping to be completed in about an hour. I will keep everyone posted on how she does, hoping for no worse issues and maybe some improvement! Thanks for the prayers in advance!! Also be thinking of daddy because he is sick and was unable to make the trip (first cath he has ever missed), thankfully my mom could make it with me. Love you all!


Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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