August 28, 2013


Just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that we finally made it home late this evening. We arrived earlier today at the hospital(of course we overslept as usual!) and Jenna seemed very cheerful at first, but then seemed to fade off a bit. She became really sleepy and her oxygen levels were a little lower than normal. So we thought, great. Here we go again. So even though they were ready to discharge we decided to wait it out to see what she was doing. So we relaxed for a bit, gave her some cereal, which she enjoyed. A little later she seemed better so I decided to run over to the house and clean up the room and pack up the car(since lil miss refused to let her daddy leave!) So I quickly did that and came back a while later. The nurse came in to discharge and guess who had a low grade fever?! Why Jenna of course! So, her nurse practitioner stopped by, listened to her and said she sounded clear. She said that the coil which was placed in her liver to stop the bleeding(this is how he accessed her heart) could have caused her body to react and present a small fever. She felt maybe if Jenna got up and moved around the floor and walked maybe she would do better. So she and I headed down the hall, stopped in the playroom for a bit and enjoyed playing dollhouse,air hockey, etc. We came back to the room later, took her temperature and she was fine. She did not seem to get tired while up, just complained of leg pain (which is normal for her). So we decided to have the nurse come in for the 3rd time to discharge and be done with this! We got her dressed, removed her cords and took out her IV (which was a huge ordeal). Afterwards she looked at the nurse and said, "you gonna miss me?" Which she responded, "of course!" Then Jenna asked if the nurses' puppy would miss her and she said yes. She is such a silly little girl! So we packed up, ran over to the Ronald McDonald House and checked out. Then got in the truck and headed to WV! After dealing with traffic and an awful rain storm we finally made it home! She is settled in bed, which I will be heading to now as well.

We want to say thank you to everyone for all your love, support and prayers. I will keep you posted on her conference meeting. It is supposed to be next week, but could postpone to the next week depending on if her doctor is able to gather all of the team he would like to be there. Fingers crossed it goes well, we have already spoken to some of the team who states they will be there. Amazing how quickly word travels about her! So thanks again. I would like to also ask that everyone say a quick prayer for Jenna's heart buddy Graysen and his family. He has been in Cincinnati off/on since May, only being home for a few short days. He is very critical and could use all the prayers he can get. His mother and I have become friends due to our children's condition(they have the same one ironically). He is from here at home and mom and dad have not worked since he went in for his surgery in May. So please, pray for them that he will continue to move forward and improve. Thank you!

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