April 6, 2012

Heart Cath #10......

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to keep you posted on little Miss. We have arrived back in Cincinnati for our routine heart cath this year. Last time we were in was Last May and things went well. We had Pre-testing yesterday in preparation for today. Poor thing is growing up so much, she is now recognizing how things are and remembering places in the hospital. She was so upset and scared when we went for her Lung scan test. They have to draw blood and insert dye, thus requiring a needle. She was not a happy camper :( But the child life specialist broke out the ipad and Jenna was in a much better mood. Because she was so upset and "clamped down", they were not able to get blood for her tests, so we had to go to the lab and be restuck again. We then went onto to her echo, which went well-because Adam, one of her regular techs did it, plus he is a boy, haha. Then we met with Holly, her Nurse Practitioner, which went well. Jenna did well and played. We finished up the visit and went onto have some lunch then. We had another appointment at 3:30 with her psychologist. We met and discussed her results from her appointment in March. Everything was consistent with her other testing, her verbal skills are very low and her non verbal skills(problem solving, puzzles,memory) are average. So we discussed some things to work on and I will return again in a few weeks to go over more recommendations of how to help her deal with certain situations and her anxiety. The rest of the evening we relaxed and had dinner and waited for Daddy and Pawpaw to show. By the end of the day, Jenna was exhausted. So we went to bed, because today was going to be an early day.
We arrived bright and early this morning at 6am. Jenna did well with adjusting to the hospital room, she immediately put on her gown and started making herself at home. She always acts like she owns the place around here :) Everyone was excited to see her as usual. We ended up having to cancel her Brain MRI because they did not arrive on time to take her, which would have placed her cath, behind and Dr. Beekman was not able to do that. So we will have to come another time for it. So she went back around 8:30 and continues to be in there. Once they come out and discuss with us the results we will update everyone. The practitioner said she is doing well so far and they should be done very soon! Prayers please!!

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