June 21, 2011

Wonderful news for Miss Jenna......

So...since I last posted Miss Jenna has been doing quite well. No illness or issues to occur, just normal 4 year old stuff. She is wild and playful and all over the place! Her speech has been improving amazingly and we are soooo proud of her! She has been saying 3 word sentences now, easily saying two syllable words and is actually doing very well having a conversation with Justin and I. She is still shy talking around others, but she is getting better.
Earlier this month, CJ(Justin's brother) got married in Columbus, OH. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and they are a very happy couple, we are so pleased they found one another. Miss Jenna shined her way at the event and was the gorgeous(I'm a little partial) flower girl. She did sooooo well!! We were so proud of her. I have beautiful pictures, which I will post at a later time. She enjoyed the reception too, she danced her little heart out. She was soooo cute.
And now onto the wonderful news, currently we are sitting in Cincy at the hospital. But, it's ok because there is a wonderful outcome. She was admitted today for a ML&B(look at her trachea) and a bronchoscopy(looks at her lungs). Well she did wonderful and everything looks great. They are very pleased with her. During the scopes they clipped a granuloma(which is tissue that builds up with a trach) so that she will heal nicely and close easily. They feel that she will heal up(her stoma site) very quickly and should be a pin sized hole within a few days. It is amazing what our bodies can do! They have admitted her to watch overnight for a night cap trial. In the morning at 9:30(crossing our fingers), I get to take her trach out....FOR THE LAST TIME AND FOR GOOD!!!! They are decannulating(taking the trach out) her because she no longer needs it, she has done well off the ventilator and is strong enough without it. We have finally made it to the place we were not sure we would ever get too....this has been such a long, hard, difficult road. I have no words to describe how much pain, struggle, heartache, frustration Justin and I have gone through in the last two years. We are so proud of babygirl to be the fighter she is and be so determined. She knew she was going to get here someday, it was just going to be at her pace(as usual). So, since the procedures this morning she has done quite well, not too fussy after anesthesia. She has been eating well, watching movies and playing with her toys most of the afternoon. I know she is feeling better and the anesthesia is wearing off because she is throwing her toys and selectively hearing me(her usual 4 year old attitude).
So we hope to have a quite, non-draumatic evening, so that in the morning things can go as planned. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers during this time and will keep everyone posted as much as possible. Thank you again, we love you all!
Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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  1. GO JENNA GOOOOO!!!!!!!! We are all so happy for you and so proud of you!!! You, your Mom and Dad are my heroes and you inspire and motivate all of us. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    Grandpa Cliff