November 9, 2010

Surgery Day

Hello Everyone,

Well today started off with a real BANG!!! Jenny woke up this morning around 1:30am with the stomach virus that is going around. She spent the next several hours vomiting. She is starting to feel better now and is hoping to make it over to the hospital around noon tomorrow.

We arrived at the hospital around 6:30 to get her admitted. The surgery was scheduled to last 5-6 hours, but 3 extra hours were added for precautionary reasons. Around 7:30am, she was given some calming medicine so she wouldn't be so jumpy and nervous. She was taken back to the OR around 8 and with Jenny being sick and not able to be there, Justin had to take Jenna to the OR door and drop her off. We received the first update call around 10am and that is when the first incision happened. There was a little delay between 8 and 10 due to having an issue getting an IV in and Jenna decided to get one last burst of energy before going off to sleep. She apparently entertained the nurses for almost half an hour playing "Peek-A-Boo." Leave it to Jenna to not do something normal!!!

The next update came around 11 or so. The nurse practitioner came out to tell us that Jenna was doing great and the surgeons were currently mapping out their options on what to do. She told us that everything was going as planned and that she would be back in about an hour with the next update. Around 12:30, we received the next update that the surgery was over and the surgeon would be in to talk to us. With the surgery only lasting two and a half hours, we very interested in finding out what happened. Come to find out, Jenna had little to no complications during the surgery. The scar tissue that was expected to be there was very minimal and she did not bleed nearly as bad as she had in the past. So the surgeon was very happy that he didn't have to deal with those issues. Overall, the surgery was a success. We won't see any immediate changes to Jenna's activity level or medical info, but this surgery opened up some options down the road.

Thanks to everyone for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. And keep them coming, so she can get discharged without hitting any speedbumps, which we all know Jenna is good at hitting. After rounds tomorrow, we'll update everyone with the next steps.

Thanks again,

Jenny, Justin, and Jenna


  1. We are so thankful and happy to hear that Jenna did so well during her surgery!! We will continue to pray during her recovery and that she does not hit any obstacles. We know that God is watching over her and will be keeping her strong!!! Jenny we hope you feel better soon because we know that you want to be there to take care of your baby girl. Lots of hugs and kisses sent your way!!!

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan :)

  2. We thought about Jenna and the family all day today. We are SO glad to hear that her surgery went well. We look forward to hearing more good news in days to come. We also pray that Jenny has a quick recovery from the stomach virus. It is always something! We know that must have been difficult for Jenny not being able to be at the hospital. Take care and try to get some rest!

    ~Lisa, Brent, Slaton, and Grayson

  3. God is great!!!! And another great day today!!! I love you all soooooooooo much!!!
    Grandpa Cliff