November 12, 2010

Sailing along....

Thinking about playing with physical therapy
Smiling for the camara

Cheesing with Mickey and Minnie

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Justin became ill Wednesday night, so I spent most of the day with babygirl, tending to her and letting Mommy on the computer was not an option. She had a great day yesterday, she tolerated her pain a little better. She continued her regiman of Toradol, Morphine and Tylenol which has been helping. They removed her arterial line that measures the pressures in heart, an iv and we changed her dressing on her incision site. Her incision is healing well, just swollen and very painful for her. We re-dressed it and will remove it again tomorrow for good. Her doctors have adjusted her Lasix dosage some, which she seems to be tolerating. Also, they have decided to change her pain medication down to Tylenol, to see how she does. They are attempting to wean her oxygen as well to see if she will not need to go home on it. She allowed one of the PCA's and myself fix her hair into two braids, and of course she is beautiful. They feel that she is still on track to go home Saturday, since she has been doing so well. Her chest x-rays have been fine, she is tolerating her feeds at her regular level now, we will do that again this evening just to make sure that she is fine. Yesterday evening was the only time she seemed to have an issue, she acted as if she was going to be be sick, so of course I immediately thought she had the virus we have had. We watched her closely, gave her some Morphine since it seemed to hurt when she would try to vomit. Once she received that she settled out some and we spoke with the doctors and they gave her some nausea medicine through the night and this morning and she seems to be fine now. So hopefully we are in the clear. Yesterday and today she played with the physical therapy group and did very well. She was much stronger today than yesterday also. She is smiling more, laughing and telling everyone everything to do. She tells everyone to wash their hands when they come in, which is one of her regimans at home. We are so happy that she is still doing so well. This morning I came in and started cleaning off her table with her My little ponies and I turned around and she was sitting up in bed telling me to bring them over. So I know she feels better because she had the strength to push herself up in the bed. So she is smooth sailing!
I want to say thanks to family that has come up this week, Nonny, Uncle CJ and Miss Molly, and Grandpaw Cliff. Also, we received a wonderful edible arrangement from some of Jenna's followers in California that was Spongebob. It was so cute! I would also like to thank all the others who have sent us cards, donations, and gifts to Miss Jenna. They mean so much to us and we cannot thank everyone enough. Please continue to be praying for Jenna, it has helped her so much during this stay. Also, Justin is feeling much better which is good, so thanks to everyone who thought and prayed for him. We will keep you posted on her status! Next time you hear from me, it may be from home!!! Talk soon!
Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna


  1. I'm so glad to hear she's doing so well. I wish her a speedy recovery and the three of you a safe trip home once she's released.

  2. We love reading how well Jenna is doing. It puts a smile on our faces to know she is recovering well. We are glad to hear Justin is feeling better, and we pray that Jenna doesn't pick up this nasty bug. We hope you get to go home on Saturday. Take care!

    Your Friends,
    Lisa, Brent, Slaton, and Grayson

  3. Hello Meadow Family,

    Again, we are so happy to hear that Jenna is getting stronger each and every day! God is definitely watching over her and keeping her so strong. We will continue to pray for her and pray that she doesn't get the virus that is going around. Justin, we are glad you are feeling better. Lots of hugs sent to all of you.

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan :)

  4. So glad that Jenna is doing so well and that mommy and daddy are feeling better too. God is good. Be safe on your trip home.

  5. I know we do not know you but we have been following your sweet girls journey. So glad to see she is pushing throught so wonderful!! Love and prayers are being sent your way :)
    Much love,
    Kelly, Kyle, Grayson and Brayden (our open heart miracle)