January 10, 2010

Starting to be herself again.....

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to send a quick note out on I am doing. I am trying to feel better soon, so Mommy and I can get back home to Daddy. I miss him lots. These past few days I have started to come around some. I unfortunately developed a yeast infection on my neck, so I have started to use a special cream to help clear it up. My results from my cultures came back and besides just having the one virus, I also have viral pneumonia. The docs felt that I had bacterial type, since I responded so well to the antibiotics that they gave me, but nothing showed in my results. Go figure. I have required a lot more oxygen since I have been here than normal, I usually am not on any when I am at home. My heart team said that it is due to how my blood is pumping right now when I am being active. So, once I am feeling better before I go home they want an echo to make sure that I am improving. Earlier in the week, my GI doc stopped my Erythromycin and Zantac meds for my stomach, because he felt that they were not helping me anymore. So far I only vomited once, and mommy thinks that it may have been due to me coughing too much. So, yay! They looked at my lungs again on Friday, to see if I had improved with the fluid. Not much of a change according to the doctor, but some. They said sometimes, the lungs can be slow to change on picture, so if I seem to be improving, this is a good sign. So, they decided to continue my antibiotic through today. Yesterday they were still unsure if they thought they should stop my iv antibiotics, but today since I have been getting even better, they decided tomorrow would be my last day, and then switch me over to oral for about a week. So, they want to do another chest xray tomorrow and my echo to make sure that I am improving even more. If everything is clear, then they want to let me go home! Yay! I not needed near as much oxygen in the last day or so. On Friday, I was needing up to 2 liters at certain times, but now, the max I have been needing is 3/4 and this is only when I am really upset. Mostly I have just needed around 1/8 liter, which is just barely anything. So, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start needing next to nothing. Cross your fingers.

I have been feeling better in the last day or so. This makes my mommy really happy. Which means I will get to go home soon, I can't wait. This sleeping the hospital, with people all around and beeping everywhere is for the birds. Mommy can't wait either, because then she gets to sleep in her own bed again. I have even had enough energy to stand up in the bed and in mommy's lap. Today I decided to be brave and stand up in the rocking chair and hold onto my bedside table. This is huge for me since I quit doing everything (walking, crawling, playing, talking) almost two weeks ago and now I feel better enough to do it again. I am even feeling good enough to eat. I love noodles, especially Chinese. This morning Mommy brought me eggs, pancakes and hasbrowns. Yummy Yummy in my tummy. :) It was soooo good. She got to go to IHOP with Aunt Mi, Aunt Stacey, Uncle Mike and cousin Sophie. They came to visit so mommy could have a break. It was really nice for her, she is so tired. I have made even more friends this time and got to see my old friends, which was nice. i miss them. I will not be coming back again until February, but not to stay, just an appointment with the pulmonologist. I will have scopes done sometime in February and then back for my heart in April. Lots of running around to do. I just want to feel better and get to stay home for a while. I want to play with all of my new toys from Santa!!!!

I am really tired, so I am going to nap. Thanks to everyone for caring about me so much and the prayers too. It means a lot to my mommy and daddy. Mommy will try to post really soon on how I am doing. If all goes well, I will be leaving probably by Tuesday. We are making sure the tests are ok, plus for Pawpaw to come get us. Daddy has to work, but I will see him soon. Thanks again, miss you all! Can't wait for spring so I can come out and play with everyone!

Love, Jenna


  1. Dear Jenna,
    Thanks for your good news. It sounds as if you are getting better. I am happy that you feel like climbing around. Do your very best for the doctors and mommy so you can both go home very soon. As always, we continue to pray for you!
    Jo, Don and Seth

  2. Jenna,

    Thank you for letting us know how you are doing. We are all so happy to hear that you are feeling better and acting more like yourself. I am sure you can't wait to see daddy so hurry up and get better so you and mommy can go home. We are keeping you in our prayers. Stay strong, sweetheart!!

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  3. Hello Ladies,
    It was very good to hear from you! We are praying you will be back home soon. Take care and know you are loved and that we are praying for you...Daddy also as we know it makes him sad to be away from you!
    Mike and Linda

  4. YAYYYYYYY, Jenna!!!! Go Angel and keep improving. Daddy is waiting on you at home and we are all so happy you're almost there!!! You have been in the safest place you could be with the best people around you. Everyone's prayers keep being answered!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Grandpa Cliff

  5. Hi Jenna, glad you are feeling much better! Hope you get to come home real soon so you can play with all your toys from SANTA!!

    Your mommy is such a good mommy and hopefully she can get some rest too....
    Always in my prayers
    Summer :0)