October 30, 2009

Prayers for Jenna....

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to write a quick note asking for prayer for Jenna today at 12:30p. She is having surgery to have her G tube placed in her belly. They are doing the surgery laporoscopic (less invasive)under general anesthesia, but if there are any complications they will do the procedure open (we hope not!). She has had a good morning for the most part. Yesterday was hard on her, she was not feeling well and had vomited more than usual (like 5 times). She had a lot of mucous that she was trying to cough out and had some trouble. Yesterday it came back positive that she has C-diff (bacteria infection in her stool). She has had this before, last winter. She is in contact precautions since it can be contagious, so everyone is gowning and gloving before coming in. They put her on an antibiotic too. She is feeling better now, a lot more energy today. She has scooted herself until the end of the bed and is playing with a cell phone. She is so silly. So, she is doing much better on the mist collar during the day, she can tolerate a total of 6 hours each day (in different intervals). We are so proud! Her surgery should last about an hour, and we will talk to the surgeon afterwards on how she does. Once she has recovered over the next week, we will be leaving the CICU and heading to the TCC. This is one step closer to home, but we will be sad because they have become our family. Even though in the medical world you should not make personal relationships with the staff, we could not help it. This unit has been through goof and bad times with us and Jenna and we could not thank them enough. Anyway, wish babygirl luck today and pray lots that she does well. We will keep everyone posted. Check out the St. Albans Monthly at home, there is an article in their about Jenna. We thank everyone for the prayers and support, miss everyone!!

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna


  1. Praying hard for Jenna today! Please post after her surgery to let us know how it went! That's great news she is tolerating the collar for 6 hrs! Good Girl! Was she able to dress up yesterday in her Halloween costume or are ya'll gonna do it on actual Halloween? I can't wait to see pics of that cute little girl!
    Summer :0)

  2. Prayers for Lil Miss from the office of CASCI and the Adams household!! We love you guys and can't wait until you are home. Love, Mike and Linda

  3. Our prayers are with all of you as usual. I hope everything goes really well and you can move on toward coming home soon. The pictures you posted were great! Hang in there
    and let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

  4. We are praying that Jenna does well with the surgery and during the recovery process. So happy to hear that you will be heading to the TCC unit soon.....one step closer to taking your baby girl home. Keep staying positive and strong!!

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  5. Hello,
    We pray that Jenna is doing well after her surgery, and we can't wait to see Jenna dressed up. She will make a beautiful fairy! Take care! Hugs and kisses from Wheeling!

    Your Friends,
    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton

  6. There's not doubt Dear Lil Jenna, that you will come through this lil bend in the road. Your family and fans have seen your strength and perservence. We still pray and know God is holding you and your parents in his hands and giving you the strength to carry on. God Bless you darling lil Jenna. Best wishes and love Friends forever HOLLY