October 25, 2009

New pics!!!


Wonder if I put nose on it, my horn will work?
Man, how am I supposed to drive with this wheel in my way??
Jenna getting excited when she sees one of her boyfriends (she has 4!!)
Hanging out in my chair
Cruising in my new car :)
Getting excited watching Monsters Inc., so much I screamed around my trach!
Look at me, I am a big girl!
Is this how this works? I am THE next American Idol!
Chillin in my chair again (She positioned herself this way!)
Where's Jenna?
Where did the book go? (one of her fav games to play)
Justin and I at the Cincinnati Walk for Kids


  1. Jenna, Angel, these pictures are precious and simply take my breath!!! It is so great to see your beautiful smile and see your body healing. You will be home soon and you and I have bunches of Play Dough to play in, don't we?!?!?! You are growing so fast!!! I Love You and your Mom and Dad So Much!!!
    Grandpa Cliff

  2. Jenny the pictures are great!! I can see that beautiful girl coming right along. Be strong! I know it has been a long road. I cannot imagine the emotional strain that you and Justin and of course Jenna have gone through the last few months. I love you guys. Uncle Stu

  3. These pics are great. That is the smile that we all have missed so much.Things are looking up. We pray it will continue and you will be home soon.

    We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

    We love all of you so much,

    Meme and Papaw

  4. the pictures are fantastic- jenna is really starting to look like herself again! also, the picture of you two is wonderful....love, stacey