August 12, 2009

Starting to wake up......

Today went well. Jenna had a good night, no new occurances. Today the plan was to still lower her Morphine and Ativan Drips through the day, give as needed medicines to keep her calm between and begin the Propofol at midnight. Her score the floor is now down to 59! We are happy, and it should decrease more tomorrow once she is extubated. Right now the plan to pull the vent is set for sometime in the morning, depending on how quickly Jenna wakes up from the medication through the night. We will see. She has now been lowered on the Morphine drip down to 0.1 and the Ativan as well. She is still taking the Methadone and Ativan medcines every three hours alternating and this will continue after the vent is out. They are trying to avoid her having any withdrawl effects from being on so much narcotics and sedations. Throughout the day, she began waking up more and more, and by the afternoon she was trying to look around the room. She would look the direction which Justin and I were in, but seems like she is having trouble focusing due to from all the medicines she is on. But we are sure this will change once the tube is out and she is awake, hopefully in a day or so she will be back to herself. Since, she began to wake this afternoon, they decided to give her a small drip dose of Dex to help hold over until the Propofol was started tonight. This helped calm her some, but it had to be decreased because her blood pressure dropped some, so now she is needing some medicines in between such as Fentanyl and Ativan to hold her over. She is what I call "Bucking like a horse" in the bed and wanting to get out. For the most part, she calms easily with Justin and I, but sometimes even this does not work. So, we are hoping that everything goes well tomorrow, cross our fingers. We are so excited that she is opening up her eyes and attempting to know where we are and responding to us when we talk to her. It is so great! Hopefully soon I will get to squeeze my babygirl!!!!! In addition to a great day, we had visitors from home, Miss Wendi and Mr. Paul, our friends. This was nice to have a change of pace, spend time together and talk. They were happy to get to see Jenna and that she is doing better. We are still taking small steps, but this is good. Hopefully she will have a good night. She has been a little active in the last little bit, and they are having to give her more medicine, but hopefully this will help until the morning.

Thanks to everyone for the support, love and prayers. We appreciate it so much. We will keep you posted on how tomorrow goes, cross your fingers!!!!

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna


  1. Jenny and Justin, God is really watching over your little girl and she is so blessed to have such amazing parents. We are so happy to hear that she had another good day today, and we will continue to pray that she continues to make progress each and every day. Thank you for all of the updates.

    Jenna, keep fighting and know that you are being prayed for by so many people.

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  2. God is answering prayers. Happy to hear things are going in the right direction. Love you all
    Kyle Kerri Jacob and Elizabeth

  3. God truly does answer prayers. I'm thrilled to hear Jenna is doing so well and things are heading in the right direction. I can't wait to see those beautiful blue eyes!

    Love you all,


  4. It puts a smile on our faces to know Jenna is taking small steps to getting better. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton

  5. Our Easter bunny baby is ready to start hopping again! I can't wait! I hope today goes smoothly and I look forward to hearing good news!
    Love, Aunt Missy

  6. Jenna, Jenny and Justin,
    We want to let you know we are also praying for your precious little baby girl and especially praying for a miracle
    for her and all who love her.
    Mary and Bob Young
    (Theresa Koon's parents)

  7. Justin and Jenny...thank you so much for the updates. I look forward to reading more encouraging news. I want you all to know we love you all and are praying for all of you.
    Beth, Rick, Katie, Marcus and Sarah

  8. Great news. Cannot wait to see her this weekend. We are so proud of you as parents. You have/are drawing strength from one another which is great for your relationship.

    We love you,

    Dad and Mom (Papaw and Meme)

  9. Jenny,
    It's so great that Jenna is feeling better!! I can only imagine what you're going through. You are such a strong woman and wonderful mother. When Jenna comes home and feels like playing I know Rhiannon (my 4 year old) would love to play with her. She looks at Jenna's pictures with me and says "she's so pretty". I pray she will continue to get stronger and come home soon.

    Karen Webb

  10. Iam so happy that things are going good for Jenna. She will show them how things need to be done. I think about Miss Jenna and you and Justin all the time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all durning this tought time that you are going though.Always know that God is in control. love ya Robin Crawford

  11. Wow, what great news! God is answering prayers. We will continue to remember you all, Jenna, Jenny and Justin. Many prayers are going up to lift you up! God is good!
    Jo, Don and Seth