August 4, 2009


The evening of August 3, 2009

Jenna did well this evening, for the most part. Her blood pressure went down slightly around rounds, but popped back up again. She is still getting agitated at times and wants out of bed. More than once she has attempted to pull herself up in the bed. They have started the dex drip, which is another sedation and attempted to wean her on the others so that when they extubate her then she will be able to wake up quickly and breathe on her own well. She was given a number of doses of Morphine, Versed, Ativan and then also a Chlorohydrate sedation, which has now knocked her out. They want her to be able to rest well before pulling her tube. They pulled her chest tubes as well, along with pacer wires. And she actually tolerated this well. Tonight they are going to attempt to possibly start weaning the vent, but may wait until morning. It depends on how well she is doing. Daddy and I had the opportunity earlier in the day to receive massages courtesy of the Holistic Department here and also received tips on how to keep Jenna calm during this time. It was very nice and relaxing. Along with many wonderful gifts and donations from home, we have been blessed to receive food cards while here and assistance from a local heart group which is helping with our hotel costs. We could not thank everyone enough for everything during this time. Justin and I are just speechless. I have cried more than once over the generosity we have received from friends and family, as well as strangers. Thank you so so much.

So the plan this evening is to keep her calm, and hope that she tolerates the weaning of the ventilator in the am. She is still tolerating her feeds through her NG tube and hopes that this continues. She is up to 8 ml per hour. Once rounds are performed in the am, we will update everyone on her status as soon as possible. They said that at this point she looks good cardiac wise, but respiratory wise is her issue. So hopefully once the vent is pulled she will start coughing and getting the "junk" out of her lungs. Thanks to everyone for your love, support and prayers. We will talk soon.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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  1. Jenny, Justin abd Jenna, i got this from a friend and i don't know you but be assured that i am praying for Jenna and you, May God richly Bless you and i pray that Jenna feels better soon,
    Judy Elkins