August 26, 2009

Is it possible Jenna could be making a breakthrough?

Hey everyone,

Sorry that I have not posted yet today, Jenna was in surgery until early this evening and we visited her for a while, went to dinner and then came back. So, I am just now able to get to post, I know some of you are anxious to hear news, and I do apologize for not posting before now.

So, Jenna had a good night again last night, no issues. We came in this am and she had her hair in pigtails, courtesy of the night nurses. :) I love it when they do that! This morning she was pleasant for the most part until late in the morning, she started to become agitated at everything, she wanted to pull at all of her lines, which I attempted to keep her from doing lots. Justin and I stepped out for lunch and she was really anxious the entire time we were gone, she would not let any of the nurses leave her side. When I returned I stayed with her so she would rest, but eventually was upset again and wanted out of her bed. So, to help keep her comfortable, they decided to switch her back to the Ativan drip from before, off the Versed drip (because like mommny said, it was not going to work and it didn't). So, once this was going she was a very happy camper. Around 3pm the cardiac anesthesia team arrived to begin all the setup for surgery, then transported us to surgery. She went in the OR around 3:30pm and we heard our first update around 4:30p. They had just began the surgery at that time. We did not receive another update again because he was out and finished with the surgery around 5:50pm. We were so excited that it did not take very long, we are so used to really long surgeries. So, we spoke with Dr. Inge in the conferance room. He provided a picture of her lung and diaphragm and where he corrected the area. He said that she did really well, no issues. He said that she had 4 incisions, 3 right under her armpit and one a little lower. Each of them are about 1/4 inch in length (really small) and one has a chest tube draining fluid from it. She already had fluid on this side in the last couple of days that accumulated, so it was drained during surgery. So, we just saw her chest xray a little bit ago and it looks great! The fellow showed us the one from pre-surgery and now and her diaphragm looks great, and the fluid is almost gone from before. We are so happy! Am epidural was placed during surgery in her back, which is to help manage her pain. This has dilaudid in it right now at a very low dose. The placement on her back for it looks great according to the pain management nurse, and it does not seem to be bothering Jenna. Leave it up to my babygirl to need special treatment for her pain. :)She also still has her other drips for pain and sedation to help in between. So far, she has been very calm. Every once in a while she will wake up, but them fall right back to sleep. We hope she rests well through the night. We spoke with the fellow this evening on when they will possibly take her breathing tube out. He said that right now, they are not making any plans, because they want to see how well she does through the night. Tomorrow, they will make a decision on her plan. He said that we have a ways to go on the vent before she will be coming off of it (by lowering the settings down). They do not want to rush things, which is fine with us. The entire next process just depends on how well Jenna does. So let us hope that she sticks with the game plan. We will see. All in due time. We are just pleased at how well she did in surgery.

So, it has been a successful day, so we can only hope that it will continue. We want to thank everyone for all the prayers, they are definately being prayers. Keep them coming! We will keep everyone posted on how well she does. Talk soon.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna


  1. wow, at last good news! She is a fighter and i have never heard anything like it. Hang in there guys, we are all praying for you. Really miss u justin!


  2. Hallelujah! You go, Jenna! Keep up the good fight and come home soon!
    Jo, Don and Seth

  3. Praise God! I am thrilled she is doing so well. You are always in my prayers. Jerri Gibson : )

  4. GREAT NEWS! i just got back from vacation and read your blog right away to see what was happening. Is there a way to get you some money or something to help you? is there a fund set up somewhere? Let me know.
    Roberta Wilson

  5. Hi Jenna, this is your cousin Suzy. I wanted to say Thank God that your surgery went well today. We think of you often. Hang in there, it will take time to get off of the sedation and ventilator. Tell Mom and Dad that we love them too and pray for your safe recovery and trip back home. Take care and God bless. The Leadmons--Don and Connis and The Dunns-- Greg, Suzy, Alex, and Katy

  6. Wonderful news and we are so happy that Jenna did so well during her procedure and that she is still heading in the right direction. All of you our in our daily prayers. Hugs and kisses sent your way.

    Your Friends,
    Lori, Justin, and Tristan

  7. YEAH!!! Keep the good news coming. We pray in thanksgiving that Jenna did so well with the surgery and that she continues to have good days!

    Your Friends,
    Brent, Lisa, and Slaton