July 14, 2009

We arrived-now we are waiting....

Posted Dec 30, 2008 7:38am

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to drop a line about Jenna's status. For those who are not aware, we had to make yet another trip to Cincy for Jenna. Today, she is having another cardiac cath done, along with possible stent placement in her arteries. Yesterday, we did all of the pretesting. She had an echo done, ekg, bloodwork, chest xray and meeting with the Nurse Practitioner. Everything went well, aside the fact that our child was not herself afterwards. We thought for sure that she would injure herself, since she could not even stand up straight. Of course, she insisted on trying to walk alone. Go figure, Miss independent.
Our day started about 4:30 am this morning, in which we arrived here about 6am. She wanted to explore the hallway and her room and any pictures and buttons that she could see and play with. She was irritated because she could not eat or drink anything. She enjoyed walking around her room and talking to everyone that came to visit and listen to her. She is such a social butterfly.
Anyway, she went back about 45 minutes ago for her cath and Dr. Beekman said that it should talk about 2 1/2 - 3hours to complete. He said that he is probably going to use a cutting balloon this time to open her arteries since the area to get into the left side pulmonary arteries (those going to her left lung) is so small and narrow, this will make it easier. These cutting balloon have little small blades on them to help clean the area to make it easier to get into. So, hopefully everything will go well. She will have the usually time in recovery afterwards for about an hour or so and if all goes well, she is to come back onto the regular floor. The only reason why she would have to go to ICU is if they want to watch her a little closer since she was under so long just in case. So, as it sounds, she should do fine.
Janie, the nurse practitioner will keep us updated, and once we get a chance, we will write and let everyone know how she does. As always, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, which everyone has done wonderfully since the day she was born. We thank everyone for all the support and love shown to us throughout everything.
Thanks again and we will talk soon.

Jenny, Justin, and Jenna

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