July 14, 2009

Sorry this is late..

Posted Sep 22, 2008 11:54am

Hey everyone,
Sorry I am just getting to you all. Just wanted to let you know that Jenna is doing well. We made it home on Thursday evening around 6pm. The drive home was nice, she slept for about 3 hours of the trip. We were just into Huntington when she woke up. She has been doing well ever since, just resting and then playing and resting and playing. We had a nice weekend back home, just trying to get back in our routine. She finally got to take her first full bath last night, and I was able to get the nasty gooky tape off of her thigh area where they did the cath. She was happy to get to play in the water. Anyway, everything is fine. In amongst her hospital stay, she did manage to learn a new word, "baby". So this was nice. We will keep everyone posted if anything new happens. We are returning to Dr. Heydarian on Oct. 22 and back to Cincinnati for her next cath on Dec. 29, 30, and 31st. Thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers again.

Love you all,
Jenny,Justin and Jenna

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