July 14, 2009

Good News...

Posted Oct 12, 2007 10:53am

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to give an update for yesterday on baby girl. First thing was the wonderful news that Justin did not have to go home. He was able to begin his vacation yesterday and will not have to return until next Friday.
First thing yesterday she was doing fine, just a little restless during the night on Wednesday going into Thursday. She began to wake up and managed to kick her iv out of her left foot.They did not replace it because she has three other areas of access for blood on her body. They decided to give her someone medicine to relax and sleep. She was taken off of the vent about 4pm and is doing well. She is just trying to get used to not having the machine to help breathe, she is on about 28% oxygen via cannnula in her nose. She is off of the Dopamine for her heart rhythm, because she is stable. They are going to begin weaning her off of the Heparin today and begin her on baby aspirin to thin her blood. They are going to begin weaning her off of the Milrinone for her heart today also, this helps her to not have to work so hard with her heart and keeps it relaxed. She is now on TPN via iv and lipids for nutrition. She is to be attempting to feed by mouth today, hopefully she will do well. If not she will have to have another feeding tube. They have also talking out about taking out the chest tube and foley catheter today also. Her saturation levels dropped as low as in the 30's a couple of times due to her getting upset and wanting to cry and cough. She is not able to due to mucus in her throat and the tube was in the way originally,but is now out. She is still having trouble coughing and is needing to be suctioned. Her throat is very sore and swollen due to the vent. Dr. Eghtesday came by also and said that he is very pleased at how well she is doing, and that she is improving. He feels that the blood flow to her lungs is well disbursed, but she will need to come back for tests to check the flow to her lungs. He said that during surgery a lymphatic gland was cut, but he clamped it and hopes that it does not leak. They are watching to make sure that it does not leak and show via her chest tube. If so, then they will have to change her formula so that it does not process through the lymphatic areas. They will have to let the area heal for about 6 weeks. They are hoping to get the chest tube out today. THey is anticipating that she will be out of ICU by Saturday and home by next weekend. Her scar looks good, no drainage coming out. Dr. Beekman her cardiologist came by also, who says that she will probably come back about every six months to watch arteries to watch her flow, and make her plans for the VSD (hole) closure. We have had the joy of seeing past staff who have taken care of Jenna, not to take care of her now but just to say hello.
We are here at the hospital now to check on her and will keep everyone posted. We again thank everyone for all of their thoughts and prayers for baby Jenna. We will get back with everyone this evening with her status. Thanks again.

Love, Jenny, Justin and Jenna

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